Friday, 25 September 2015

gorgeous parcel...

Lucky me!
A gorgeous parcel came today, my favourite kind!

"what was in it?" I hear you cry, 
 there was a beautiful 3 leggered yellow scalloped planter (try saying that on a Friday night after a few shandy bass) and a gorgeous sunny plate, 
which is too lovely to eat from so it's gone on the kitchen wall next to my little Donna Wilson rain cloud!
Happy days!

See more gorgeous Beardbangs ceramics here.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

92 days...

Sketching and doodling a charity Christmas card for Yorkshire Cancer Centre,

eeeeeeeeeeeee can't wait for Christmas!

I love it!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

loving the sunshine...

How lovely is it to have the sunshine streaming into my studio,
I love natural light to work in,
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Love this time of year!....

Well the summer dresses have gone back into storage till next year and the wooly jumpers and thick socks are out so its officially Autumn!

I love Autumn, 
early morning Sunday walks and a bit of foraging!
We picked the first of the blackberries and the last of the bilberries, 

and the views were amazing because all the heather has flowered.
This photo just doesn't give it justice as there was an amazing patch of purple on Black Hill in the distance, it looks fab.

So September and back to the lovely work/school routine, 
all the girls are back in uniform and all the kids have grown a foot in summer holidays... or I'm shrinking! and I'm loving being back at my desk, it feels good to be back in my little studio again.

Tonight there's a new Jamie Oliver series starting on a subject I'm passionate about, superfoods and food as medicine, should be fab, it's on channel 4  at 8pm, happy days!

Friday, 31 July 2015

found in pockets...

Treasure hunting and cairn building,
reference for new prints!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Marmalade bottom...

Marmalade bottom Cairn, 

Think I'm becoming obsessed with cairns! 
The building of them,the 'zen' behind them and how they seem to be a part of cultures all around the world and 
not just for northern folk in walking boots trekking over the hills!

I've been collecting images of Cairns on Pinterest,
and I seem to be seeing cairns every where!

My cairns at the moment are still very much inspired by the kids treasures that they have found and collected on our travels. 

I've certainly got a lot to build with, 
a pile of them outside the front door where buckets and pockets 
have been emptied before coming in the house. 

On Sonny's last 'boys' weekend camp with Chris he brought back a sheep's skull!... which definitely stays outside the front door!
Sonny was very proud of his find and it may just become a cairn bottom!

Lily found this bottom of an old crockery pot washed up at the side of a river in the The Lake District. 

Lovely Jenny at WYPW told me it was the bottom of an old Dundee Marmalade Pot and that she had one at home, so after a little search I found one on Ebay...

hence the name Marmalade bottom!

Skyla and Sonny have just brought some pebbles back from Scarborough and Lil says if she remembers she's going to bring me one back from Malawi! lots more cairn prints to come I think!!

I've listed my prints now here and here.
happy treasure hunting....

Friday, 17 July 2015

"Our Freddy"

"Our Freddy" 
"Our Freddy" was inspired by a gorgeous vintage photo I bought of a group of boys playing Cowboys around the 1940s.
 I love looking at these frozen memories, little pockets of time that were captured to savour and remember and then sadly lost and forgotten. 
I love reading my own narrative into the photographs and adding words, thoughts and stories.
"I loved Sunday's, our Freddy let me play with him and his mates while me Mam made dinner. He'd always look out for me our Freddy, especially when Walter Patterson played dirty. The freedom of those days. The fresh air, laughter and mucking about, it just went too fast. No sooner had we ran out the back door, Mam was calling us back in for Sunday dinner. He was a good big brother our Freddy. I miss those days."
Available here and here
Happy Friday!