Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Feeding the birds...

I can't believe I painted Skyla's shoes on the first day of school ten years ago yet it seems like yesterday I took the photo of her on the drive in her duffel coat and brand new red Clark's Start Right shoes. 
She was so very proud of them and decided to wear pink plastic beads to match so she looked her "bestest" It's my favourite painting I've done because of the special memories it evokes.


I decided to use this and the memories to create this screen print, 'Feeding the birds'

We used to feed the birds by the river outside the co-op with the crusts of the bread we'd just bought. Sky would eat a slice for herself because " the dickie birds will get too full mummy"
Happy days.

This print is now available in my Etsy and Folksy shops.... maybe I should do another print of Sky's feet at age 13 in her Adidas Superstars!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jenny Thomas

Last Tuesday me and Sonny went to see the very lovely Jenny Thomas do a talk about her printing process at WYPW
Jenny's practise involves a mixture of lino and wood cutting and lino etching and she's brilliant at it!

Jenny's work is currently inspired by local architecture, read more here and here

Jenny is so wonderfully talented and very inspirational, her massive body of work is so impressive. Sonny loved learning about the process and Jenny let son do rubbings with a graphite block over the wood and lino cuts to reveal the image onto paper, which he thought was amazing.

The thing I love about Jenny the most though is not just her fantastic work but her fab smile and giggle, she's gorgeous inside and out. 
When I go printing she always has a big smile when she lets me into the building which is always a great start to my printing day! so lovely.

Jenny's work is for sale at WYPW and is also featured in the current exhibition 
Well worth a visit!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Photo-Plate Litho...

 I was lucky enough to get on the photo-plate Litho course last Saturday at WYPW run by the very talented and fountain of printing knowledge that is Kate Desforges.

Creating the art work and exposing the plates is very similar to the screen printing I'm used to but the actual developing and printing the plates was a whole different experience,
and I loved it!

I met some really lovely creative people and learnt so much about the printing process,
Kate's a brilliant teacher and I couldn't recommend enough doing a course at WYPW.

I can't wait to put my new printing knowledge to use and start experimenting with the process.
It's so wonderful to learn a new printing technique!

Friday, 24 June 2016

To brighten the day....

Take a bunch of buttercups and a clean Golden Syrup tin and use 
it as inspiration for a still life screen print....

... add a cool grey background,

add some warmer shading,

squeegee on some yellow,

then a bit more yellow,

some tin green,

some stems,

a little gold,


white details,

some more shadow,

overlay of green details,

and then pop it in to the framers and,

it's all ready for Holmfirth Artweek!

This "Golden' print has been created to celebrate 50 years of the Holmfirth Artweek exhibition, 
championing the amazing creative talent in the Holme Valley in Yorkshire whilst raising funds for the wonderful Macmillan Cancer support. 

Macmillan do such amazing work, they were my bible when I was going through cancer treatment,  such a worth while cause. So go down to the Civic Hall in Holmfirth from the 3rd July to see some gorgeous artwork, amazing sculpture and support a fab charity at the same time. 
There's also the fabulous Holmfirth Artweek fringe to check out too!

To mark this fantastic golden anniversary artists have been asked to produce a piece of work on the theme of 'golden',

and this is my golden.

I've listed this print in my Etsy shop,
and I will be listing in my Folksy shop this weekend,

a bit of yellow to lift the general mood:)

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Sonny run...

A morning Summer half term run with my Sonny boy.
He's grown sooooo much since going into double figures.

He's got the lung capacity of an elephant as he didn't stop talking the whole 7k run!
He gave me running advice, showed me how to check different pulses, how to get rid of a stitch and the finer details of plants versus Zombies. 

  I love passing this land rover on my runs it keeps me going,
so does this...

It's sooooo lovely spending quality time with Sonny,
he said I wasn't bad at running for a mum my age, which I'll take as a compliment because I think thats how it was intended! 
A lovely start to the weeks holidays!

Friday, 29 April 2016

snowy school run...

Gorgeous school run this morning,  
even though I'm ready for some warmer weather!
May's just around the corner and its 1 degree and snowing! what's going on?


After I took these photos a little snow blizzard blew over the top of Cliff, 
and it was bloody brilliant! 
You know you're alive walking over the hills with the wind and snow in your face!

I walked past some school kids with no coats on!?? 
What is it with Yorkshire school kids who refuse to wear a coat even in icy winds and snow? 
Is it that uncool to stay dry and warm?

Call me old fashioned or a big softie but I'm not as hard core as your average 13 year old and while I was passing one kid in cotton shirt and school jumper I had on my vest, 2 pairs of socks, walking boots, 2 jumpers, bobble hat and my parker fastened to the top!

Stay lovely and warm this bank holiday weekend!