Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A little bird told me...

new print in my shop

inspired by Lil when she was little and played in the garden 
chatting to the snails and birds,
having long conversations,
putting the world to rights over a cup of mud tea.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

lovely pockets of time...

I've been lucky enough this month to carve out a little "me" creative time,
to experiment and do some of the ideas that have been put to one side for times like this!

Yesterday I was experimenting with textures, taken from over printed test strips from past prints 
and treasures the kids have given to me when we have been out and about, 
Runswick Bay, walks in the Dales and the Lakes. 

Over the years the kids have given me lots of these "special" pebbles, bits of broken porcelain and shells and I wanted to record these treasures in print sometime and that time was yesterday!.... 
well I made a start any way!

I can't wait to carry on building this Cairn with a wee rock sparrow on the top,
I just love experimenting, I learn so much, and so many more ideas  are inspired from it.
Everyone should make sure they get a little creative me time every now and then,
it's good for the soul!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

blooming lovely...

Managing to squeeze in some time to work on a new print,
It's for Skyla as she's in her 13 year and has survived her first year of High school.
Where does the time go?

" she bloomed more beautiful every day"

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mr Ben to Miffy...

The Wonderful Mr Ben to Miffy exhibition at The Cooper Barnsley,
a fabulous chance to see legends in children's book illustration close up. 
There are originals, limited addition silk screens, signed books and cards, 
such a wonderful collection of work in collaboration with the Illustration Cupboard.

I feel so lucky to be included in this exhibition!

Lily and Bear rubbing shoulders with 
Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are! wow!

just waiting for the shop keeper.... and as if by magic.... !

And a very BIG thank you to all the fabulous 
little artists that attended the illustration workshop, 
so talented and hard working. 
They produced some fabulous work creating  picture book characters...

Moo moo the monkey,


Desmond Bear ( who went on holiday, sat under a palm tree and a coconut fell on his head!!) 

and Lovable the heart, who loved keep fit, sleeping and hugging but didn't like hand stands,

and finally Iron man the snail who didn't like cauliflower!
All absolute stars!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


This print is for Sonny,
a rather dapper sunshine lion, 
just like my Sonny, cute...

...but very loud!

Tonight we're off to see The Maccabees at The Ritz in 
Manchester as a treat for Lil working so hard revising and 
doing lots of course work, there's so much pressure at exam time,
life's too short to get so stressed,
 it's good to have a break,


Can't wait!
Happy Wednesday.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Print Day...

Pop along to West Yorkshire Print Workshop tomorrow for Print Day!

They'll be lots of demonstrations, workshops, print fair with lots of beautiful original prints, craft shop with hand made jewellery, stationery and hand printed fabrics and studio tours,

I'll be there from from 2 o'clock onwards signing copies of Lily and Bear 
and selling hand screen printed Lily and Bear cards and prints... 

...whilst enjoying the odd canapé and soaking up the lovely creative atmosphere!
Come along and say hello!

Happy bank holiday weekend!