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Just Be

This was my first attempt at kitchen table isolation printing! Because the fabulous WYPW have had to close their printing doors for awhile I decided to try out my linocutting skills especially after having the lino cutting class with Melvyn Evans at YSP.   See here. I'd been chopping up some practice monoprints and prints that maybe had a few too many thumb prints on them... although I do like a thumb print, it adds to the handmade authenticity and celebrates human error! Something I like to celebrate in my work a lot... it seems! I made this card as one of my mixed card packs and really liked the accidental shapes that had occurred, yet the image was still clear as a figure.  It looked as though the business of the other layers hadn't deterred this chap from just being there. So that was it, decision made. I wanted to use this as my base for my lino print. I enlarged the image, and planned a three colour lino print using process colours

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