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White flowers and black treacle

I learnt drypoint etching a year or so back now on a great course at WYPW and have been itching to do more!
I find it really hard to do the same process constantly and my curiosity always gets the better of me to experiment and try new approaches. It took me awhile to get used to drawing and shading with the needle and my first attempt was back to front! All lessons learnt, even if they are a tad frustrating! But I'm pleased with the final result and actually managed to get some fab flowing lines...

I don't know the name of these white flowers, but I had them in a bunch a friend bought me and I've seen them in gardens on my walks.  They're almost like ears of corn or flowering asparagus!

Inking the plate up gave me the chance to experiment with texture from the cloth and light and dark depending on the amount of ink being taken away. Experimenting with this gave some prints a light and fresh feel when most of the ink was lifted compared to a more moody atmospheric dar…

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