Print maker

Mono printing

My monoprints are one off impressions of stencils I've created arranged on an acetate plate. I love building the image in layers of colour and the unpredictability of the process.

The prints are unique and the plates are positioned by eye giving a very handmade primitive and natural impression.

The images are not predetermined and organically created in the the print room, transferring a spontaneous and fresh feel to each print.

I love the childlike quality of using primary colours and the endless possibilities and surprises involving this printing process and the wonderful outcomes of the undetermined images.

Screen Printing

The artwork for my screen printing is created by hand working from drawings and doodles from my sketch book. I love the physical hands on process of screen printing and the 'thinking on your feet' mindset as my images comes to life in a series of colour separations.

I find the repartition of the process very satisfying and the endless possibilities for experimentation continuously inspires my artwork.

My current screen prints are inspired by vintage food tins, knocked and rusty but kept for their beautiful graphics. I love the nostalgia and the images they conjure up of home made baking days in a cosy kitchen! I also wanted to simplify floral forms and add these to the prints as a contrast.

All my printing takes place at the wonderful West Yorkshire Print Workshop.
They offer fabulous courses and tasters for different printing techniques,
a wonderful creative space which champions printmaking and supports a wealth of creative talent.


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