Hello! It's print day in May!


Thought it was a good time to reintroduce myself for print day in May!
This is me, 
in the print room at the wonderful West Yorkshire Print Workshop where I do all my printing! 

Under normal circumstances WYPW would be opening their doors to share their amazing print facilities and know how. Letting you get your hands on a squeegee ( love that word ) and inky fingers so you could experience the joys of printing for yourselves and maybe be inspired to take a workshop, buy a card or print and have a creative natter with a cuppa and cake.

Well life had other plans. 

So, not to be deterred,  WYPW are opening their virtual doors!

Print members and Studio holders are sharing their process and practice, letting you look at what they're upto in their new home studios and hopefully inspiring you to spend a little time being creative.

So I'll introduce myself,

This is me, again, in the wash room.

I'm a Print maker, sometimes picture book creator, illustrator and chocolate taster.

I'm also a lucky mum of three, a teacher and love a good pair of dungarees.

I wear glasses from time to time and get very inky fingers 
and like to wear an important artists apron ( it makes me happy :))

I also wish I had long legs like my children so I wasn't the wee borrower of the family.

I work from my home studio here,

In the Holmle Valley in front of a rock we named Stan.

When we sit on Stan to contemplate fabulous ideas and knobbly knees, we can see this...

I print all my ideas at the WYPW, here...

A beautiful old Sunday school which is now a print workshop and artists studios.

Upstairs, there is a fabulous gallery space

and also the screen printing room 💕

where I get to work alongside some wonderful creatives.

and printing workshops are held in here too.

Downstairs there are several print rooms, a dark room, artists studios, art supplies and kitchen/chat/have a brew area.

This is the downstairs print room which has an amazing old press,

and lots of lovely workshops are held here too from Monoprinting and lino printing to photo plate and etching to mention just a few.

I feel incredibly lucky to have this facility on my door stop! 
and I want to share on my next post some of the work I've done in each of these lovely print rooms and explain a little about my current process.
I hope this inspires you to 


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