Friday, 29 September 2017


 Remember these? .... well only if you were a child in the 70's,

There's real nostalgia for me when I see these, 
little me, spending time fixing coloured flower discs together and seeing the new colours and shapes made when the light catches the over laps.

My Monoprint 'Connect 1' is inspired by the 1970's Octons building discs of my childhood, 
their bright colours all connecting together, different but the same, and the gorgeous rich colours they create when they work together. 

If only all people were like Octons * sigh *

I'm listing more of my Monoprints  on 'Lil Sonny Sky' my Etsy shop over the coming weeks.

I'm going to use my Octons as inspiration for some new screen printing soon too, and maybe ....

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

people ghosting amongst others...

'People ghosting' 


'lost keys'

'people 2'


These monoprints are one off impressions of stencils I've created on an inked acetate plate. I build each image in layers of colour which are then put through an etching press.

I just love the process, creating unique prints, positioning the plates by eye giving a very handmade primitive and natural impression.

The images are not predetermined and organically created in the the print rooms, transferring a spontaneous and fresh feel to each print. I love the big reveal and the unpredictability!
The lack of control pushes me out of my comfort zone which I think is the only way I creatively learn and grow, so all good!

I've created a Face Book page here because so many people have asked me if I have one for my creative practice. I haven't done one before now because I thought it would take hours of me trying to work out how to do it, but it didn't at all! 


Friday, 15 September 2017

Signed copies!

Signed copies of the little beaut written by Kate Maryon and published by Penguin Random House are now available at


get a copy dedicated to that bossy BIG sister!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Creative therapy...

Earlier this year I volunteered at WYPW on their 'Print Day in May' event with the very talented Kate Desforges. 
Kate taught me how to mono print with their BIG etching press and we then showed visitors how to mono print onto triangles of wallpaper to make bunting to hang around the print rooms as the day went on...


This experience inspired me to create my own mono prints and just treat myself to some quality creative time to play, make mistakes, learn and enjoy this simple and beautiful printing process...

Now I've got to grips with the process I'm excited to experiment more and see how far I can go and see how it will inspire my screen printing. 
So many ideas, I just need 36 hour days and 10 day weeks!

I think giving yourself that time and freedom to experiment and make those essential happy mistakes that lead onto so many other ideas is creative therapy!

Happy days :)