Creative therapy...

Earlier this year I volunteered at WYPW on their 'Print Day in May' event with the very talented Kate Desforges. 
Kate taught me how to mono print with their BIG etching press and we then showed visitors how to mono print onto triangles of wallpaper to make bunting to hang around the print rooms as the day went on...


This experience inspired me to create my own mono prints and just treat myself to some quality creative time to play, make mistakes, learn and enjoy this simple and beautiful printing process...

Now I've got to grips with the process I'm excited to experiment more and see how far I can go and see how it will inspire my screen printing. 
So many ideas, I just need 36 hour days and 10 day weeks!

I think giving yourself that time and freedom to experiment and make those essential happy mistakes that lead onto so many other ideas is creative therapy!

Happy days :)


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    It must be amazing to have the talent you have!

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