Boxing gloves back on...

The Isle of Skye is beautiful!
The scenery is so dramatic and just wonderful, 
the views are food for the soul, so peaceful,
it all just went tooo fast as all good times do, can't believe it's over and we're back home!

the view outside our cottage,

treacle scones for breakfast,

walking, walking and...

more walking!

Ahhh so lovely,
well, it's back to business.
Boxing gloves back on, ding ding, round 3.
My Chemo starts next Thursday,
it's 'intensive', 6 cycles which will last the rest of the year ( I don't do stuff by halves)
I'm soaking up those positive vibes, wiping away the tears and snot, trying to prepare for what's to come, looking at hats, wigs and scarves, taking a deep breath, putting a smile and my face and getting on with it,
I'll save a fortune on shampoo and conditioner and there's no fear I'll catch head pets from the kids when they're back at school!

trying to look at the positives on this stage is tough, it just seems a long time and a lot of stuff to put myself through, 
but, we're getting closer to this being all over.
I can't say enough thank yous these days, 
your comments are so uplifting and I'm extremely grateful for them and your support, it helps me stay positive.
So here I go rocking the bald look for the Autumn season, hope it catches on! x


  1. Dear girl,
    We're all here holding your hand and wishing you quick easy trip through the hard times ahead. Great that you are hitting it hard with the big guns brave thing.
    Susie x
    p.s. such a cute bunch your lot, and growing!

  2. I'm sure those boxing gloves are going to be so big an scary that they will scare of those horrible nasties!!! :)
    Yep you have to think positive... I really wish I didn't have to wash my hair ... such an inconvenience!!! There are loads of cool hats to wear :)

    Good luck in this next battle... sending you millions of good vibes xxx

    oooh... and what gorgeous photos too!

  3. sending lots of positive vibes for the next few months to go as easily as possible. And yey to not catching the children's nits!

    Be thinking of you, Lisa and wishing you support every step of the way


  4. Hi Lisa,
    You've definitely got to keep that sense of humour, it WILL help when the going gets tough. Don't be hard on yourself and rest as much as you can.

    I bought 3 wigs and wore one for one day, the rest of the time I wore scarves. I've got quite a lovely collection now.

    Keep strong and I'll be thinking of you


  5. I really admire you lisa, so tough to get your head around, sending strength for the next few months x

  6. Go Lisa! Ditto Susie's comments - we're here if you want to have a break from the real world and dip in to blogland for a bit. I can't tell you how impressed, amazed and inspired I am by you. Keep smiling, and yay for no nits (or head pets - classic!). Nic x

  7. So, as I was reading your post I pulled my husband over to see that highland beauty and he stuck around as I scrolled down and we both gasped at the same time at the lovely view of the village and the misty hills. Gorgeous! He said "Who's blog is this and when can we go visit her?"

    I'm sending all the best wishes for good health! I was just thinking of you last week and was so happy when your comment on my laundry bag popped up. Great to see your post today too! Stay strong, we are all cheering for you!

  8. Your photos are gorgeous - glad you've been able to soak up so much beauty on your vacation. Hopefully you can tap into those mental images while you're going through chemo. It sounds like they are bringing out the big guns to attack your cancer. You will probably hear the word "brave" a lot, because that is what you are. Also a very talented person with a beautiful family. I'm sending you big hugs and healing thoughts as you go through all if this.

  9. Beautiful post Lisa. I don't get to travel any more so this was a little vacation for me too. I'm sending you as many good vibes that I possibly can to see you through the days and weeks ahead. You're going to be alright and the hair does grow back and often it's even nicer. Keep looking at this in a positive light, it makes a world of difference.

  10. Wow, the pictures are amazing. Such tranquility and beauty.

  11. Looks like a lovely holiday Lisa. Such lovely scenery and the little houses, I remember going there years ago! Keep up the fighting Lisa, it's not long to go. My husbands aunt did this years ago and she's looking after grandkids now! So keep up your wonderful positive spirit, be kind to yourself, and keep coming back here to let us know how you're doing! Get some pretty scarves like in your screenprint! Bestest wishes! X Jules

  12. Hair's overrated I say Lisa - you can pull this off, just look what you've done over the past couple of months! You're a tough lass and have a great sense of humour although I'm sure you feel pretty low at times. Keep fighting, you're going to beat this!

  13. Lisa, you are amazing. You are awesomely inspiring and your sense of humour is the absolute best!
    Wishing you all positive thoughts and the strength to get through this last bit - I know you'll be fine - just grit your teeth and get on with it - we all love you. Lucky you have such a beautiful face - you're definitely going to rock those scarves! xx

  14. Wow lisa. Im so sorry to have read that. Iv been away for some time snd for me it a big shock. However you are such a telanted and big from life kind of person that there are no other option but to win that thing. You have the best family to stand by you and meny people that love you even that they do not know you in person like me. The petson that you are a winner.hope all will be good and that we will lughfe together. Ill always willing to be and assist you.
    Love and hug keren.

  15. So glad you have soaked up such beautiful views and spent healing time with beautiful people! Your strong and you have the right attitude and even on the days when you can't get the attitude right you have a whole world of people here that will do it for you. Love and kisses to you and your terrific family. You are beautiful hairy or not LOL! xx

  16. I can only imagine how hard it is, all I can suggest is just take it a step at a time and it'll be the end of the year in no time.

    We're all at the ropes, cheering you on!

  17. Go get 'em Girlfriend! I know you'll get through this next round and leave cancer dangling limply on the ropes, panting for breath, while you parade around the ring, gloves aloft, victorious. Am I taking this metaphor too far ;^)

    Your holiday looks fab, must have been a very welcome break.

  18. No love, sounds perfect x
    Thanks for all your support, I really appreciate it xx

  19. that's the fighting spirit x sending lots of happy and positive thoughts your way lisa! xXx

  20. I hope everything goes well today with the Chemo. Sending more well wishes your way. xx

  21. What a lovely post!

    I only wish you all the best,Lisa!
    Hope everything's going well! <3

  22. Dear Lisa,

    Thanks so much for bringing me over here. I loved reading about your Skye trip and seeing your beautiful pictures. Looks a bit sunnier than ours!!! And happy Birthday (bit late).

    I hope your chemo is going ok. I have read a little more of your blog. Your work is so sweet and you have a lovely family. I love your wishing leaves/swallows. What a lovely thing to do.

    Anyway, thanks for saying hi and all the very best to you!

    Hannah x

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