Ahhhh how fantastic are holidays?

Eeeee, I'll tell you! Buddy fantastic!

What a whirl wind year!
Best recovery year ever! couldn't have written it better, and there's still loads of fab adventures to come!

What a great summer holiday we've been having, my evening sun dances have payed off ( mostly!)
I could bore you for days with tales of lovely holidayness, but instead I'll share some snaps... ( and hopefully not bore you!)

Sunny Norfolk, we stayed on a fab campsite in Stiffkey, and the sun shone down on us!
We rope swinged, jumped off the dunes, made sand castled,

and played in the sea.
( and guess what?  I wore a bikini! honest to goodness! Old Lisa one booby, in this country wore a bikini! I'd never of believed it if you'd told me a year ago, and I did cartwheels in the sea! I kid you not!.... ok I'm showing off now but it felt wonderful! I can recommend it! it was ace!)

This is what I'd look like if I was a super model.

Blue skies,

henna feet,

and memorable sunsets.

The kids toasted marshmallows and did fire sticks,

Norfolk was just perfect, we had a grand time with lovely friends:)

And, I was whisked off to Barnard Castle for our  wedding anniversary, and we Trekked to this beautiful valley. ( Scusey the Ken Dodd impression, minus tickling stick, I have no control over my curly short hair anymore! it goes wild!)

And more Trek training in the Lakes, such a beautiful part of the world the fells are so atmospheric.

lots of scrabble, monopoly and Napoleon playing!
I really got theses letters when we started playing! how fab is that!

Happy days!

I'm getting ready for my next adventure now! Which is going to be a bit more challenging! climbing those Italian Volcanoes!
Hope you've been having the best summer holidays too!


  1. awesome lisa! all of it, just fantastic :)) :))

  2. Looks like you've had a brilliant summer - I love those fire stick pictures, they've come out so well!

    The new prints are also gorgeous, I dunno how you fit it all in!

    Flo x

  3. That all looks like fantastic fun, so pleased you had a great summer, wonderful. Love the bikini bit, trust you to say that :) funny as ever. Good luck with the volcanoes trip, that will be some adventure!

  4. Love your photo's, must put Norfolk on my list looks amazing and no people.


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