Beatrice Alemagna

I love Beatrice Alemagna's work,
very much!
I think she's very inspirational,
I did a post about a couple of her books a while ago here.

how gorgeous windswept and interesting does the French language sound! so beautiful... much better than my broad northern Dulcet tones that are reminiscent of the 'ole Hovis add!

hope her creative talents inspires you as much as me:)

Well, guess what, I fly to Stockholm on Thursday to visit a lovely friend for 5 days! 
This living life to the full maybe tiring but it's bloody wonderful compared to this time last year!
and I'm enjoying every minute of health and freedom that time will allow!:)
hope you're living life to the full today:)x


  1. Love this interview and her work, which I hadn't come across before - thanks Lisa! Have a wonderful time in Stockholm x

  2. Lisa I have just nabbed this video to put on my blog, hope you don't mind, but it's just lovely!!?? She is inspiring and what a joyful accent, much like broad yorkshire? ;) I am green with envy at you going to Stockholm too, one of my lifes ambitions to get to Sweden, sigh..... Do you fly from London? I couldn't see an easy way to get there? Hope you enjoy every minute, you are bound to be inspired I'm sure. Can't wait to see you blog about it hopefully. :)

  3. Hope you have a fantastic time in Stockholm Lisa! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :0)) x


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