ok, ok OK!...

Who put their finger on Septembers fast forward button? 
come on, who was it...

...own up now,

who ever it was, it was very naughty of you, and I might just have to take serious action,

we need to slow it down, breath, pause and meditate,

less of the painting, clearing, spring cleaning in Autumn,

because before you know it Christmas will be upon us!

So who ever did it, can you now press the rewind button or pause because I'm just not ready for October yet, need to fit in a few more Septembery things in because life's so fab and busy it's just spinning by!

Slow down September I want to get off!
Anyone else feel the same?


  1. *whispers*........it's actually sunny today so I'm going to put the washing out!

    1. Ah fab :) can you do a whites and a mixed load for me lovely! xxx


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