free as a bird....

I've been experimenting with an idea I've had for a while of printing Lil when she was little in a field of gold, enjoying the outdoors, free as a bird! 
and this is how it's looking so far...

I'm still experimenting,
I'm thinking of doing a collage with lots of paper grass and corn and little flowers with the off prints, and also creating a smaller print but in a rape seed field with millions of yellow flowers.

One of my most favourite things is seeing the rape seed oil fields when out walking which almost look luminous yellow, even on grey days and they'll be out soon! 
To me its the signal that summer is on it's way, long days and happy memories!


  1. It's beautiful! I imagine my daughter would love to walk through a field of yellow like that.

  2. lovely Lisa! really captures that ace innocent happy feeling as a child!


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