Bee eater in Malawi

Hola! Bonjour, 'ello,

where's the time flying, it's the back end of June!
I'm soooo very busy at the mo with work and family that I'm meeting myself coming backwards most days and don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my 'arse' as Dolly P would say!

The kids are so busy with trips, school performances, sports clubs and Lily is busy fund raising for her expedition to Malawi next year. Today she's walking the 3 peaks with friends, Chris and my little ( or not so little anymore!) Sonny! 

He desperately wanted to do it and just after 10 this morning I got a text saying " first peak done!!"
but not heard anything since!
 I hope they're all OK, I packed them emergency mars bars for the last peak, but it's so warm today the mars bars have probably melted along with them! 
( I do worry, it's in the Mum rule book to worry, and I'm a stickler for rules and out of my comfort zone rule breaking... I still drive ten to two with my nose touching the windscreen... but that might have something to with the fact I have a big nose...... I digress )

 to help Lily fund raise for Malawi I have screen printed this little Bee eater which can be spotted in the tree's in Malawi. 

1st colour....

2nd colour... 

3rd colour... 

4th colour...

 5th colour... 

last colour...

then I hand finished the prints with a little water colour and a dash of acrylic ( sounds like a recipe! I've been watching too much Jamie O )
 and voila, Lil's Bee eater...

It's going to be so exciting for Lily in Malawi, 
Lil will be helping a small community to establish a school and will be involved in making mud bricks, working with the children, painting educational resources on walls and helping in a local orphanage. 

Wow! when I was Lily's age the school trips consisted of a geography Field trip to Cliff House Huddersfield, and a 48 hour dash to Bologna to buy a baguette or chocolate de pain!
trips these days are much more exciting and life changing! What an amazing experience for a 15 year old!

Bee Eater in Malawi is a limited Edition print of 37, printed on 23 x 27cm quality fabriano paper, with an image size of 18 x 16cm and is numbered and signed.
So far it's in my Etsy shop, and I plan to put it in my Folksy shop too.

Hopefully this little birdy will help boost Lily's fund raising,
next Saturday I'm bag packing with Lil in Sainsburys and the week after she's got a little stall up on Holme Moss where the tour de France is passing through... it's all go!
but happy days!


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