Happy Monday!

Me and Sky took flat Stanley to the Football Museum in Manchester,
he loved it!

If you're a footy fan it's brilliant and well worth a visit, 
even if you're a football numpty like me and need to be educated in the art of the game!

And this is Lily's wonderful photo of the eclipse photo on Friday morning, she's done a great job!

Busy this week working on these two friends...

Happy days!


  1. Dear Lisa, I'm following your blog for a long time. I'm not writing comments below every post you share. But I attached your blog posts to my official mail address in my office, so when I'm bored or when I felt myself hopeless taking sneak a peek in to yout blog. It makes me smile. Your characters are full of happiness! Yes this is ugly world BUT they make us remember there is still hope. so:) I just wanted to share my feelings with you based the long period of following:) Take care& keep smiling
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