Production line...

I was busy screen printing yesterday at WYPW,

I love screen printing, 
I love that after sitting at my drawing board or computer I actually put my pinny on roll my sleeves up, use a little elbow grease and get a screen printing work out.
I always feel like I've done a days work when I'm in the print room and I'm buzzing and shattered afterwards!

Yesterday I was screen printing some greetings cards to go with 'Lily and Bear', 
I've listed one,  so far, I'm going to list more over the Easter hols.

Lily and Bear is based on my Lily when she was little, she's now 15,
and gorgeous and grown up and independent!

She finished two weeks work experience the other week at an Ad agency in Manchester where she was treated so wonderfully and got to experience time in all the departments, the hi-light being a photo shoot for mens clothing where Lil gets credited in the brochure for the photography!

Lil is now in the States, she flew out last week to New York and I've never felt so proud and scared ever! Lil was so confident, and walked through security at Heathrow like she'd done it before. 
( where as I was a blubbering wreck of a mum when she'd gone! )

I know that I would be a little nervous to travel alone now at 40 something ( my details are not important here! ) 
But to do at 15! I would have been a dithering wreck!

Lil has a wonderful fearlessness and inner confidence, that I really admire ( we'll just ignore the messy bedroom and the layed back teenage cool that can be just a little frustrating to say the least ) 

I face timed Lil today, 
I wish I'd have had Lil's confidence when I was 15, 

It's fab and tough at the same time when your kids become adults, 
it's that letting go thing, 
but I'm so very proud!

Lily has always been a great kid, I'm so lucky,

where does the time go??!!

Have a fab Easter, 
hope it's filled with laughs, friends, family, 
chocolate and lots of good health xxx


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