lovely pockets of time...

I've been lucky enough this month to carve out a little "me" creative time,
to experiment and do some of the ideas that have been put to one side for times like this!

Yesterday I was experimenting with textures, taken from over printed test strips from past prints 
and treasures the kids have given to me when we have been out and about, 
Runswick Bay, walks in the Dales and the Lakes. 

Over the years the kids have given me lots of these "special" pebbles, bits of broken porcelain and shells and I wanted to record these treasures in print sometime and that time was yesterday!.... 
well I made a start any way!

I can't wait to carry on building this Cairn with a wee rock sparrow on the top,
I just love experimenting, I learn so much, and so many more ideas  are inspired from it.
Everyone should make sure they get a little creative me time every now and then,
it's good for the soul!


  1. Your prints are just so beautiful! You are so talented!
    And these are such lovely inspirational pictures!!
    I couldn't agree more, a little creative time is so good for the soul.

  2. Your work is fabulous - am so glad you've managed to take some 'me' time! x


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