Jenny Thomas

Last Tuesday me and Sonny went to see the very lovely Jenny Thomas do a talk about her printing process at WYPW
Jenny's practise involves a mixture of lino and wood cutting and lino etching and she's brilliant at it!

Jenny's work is currently inspired by local architecture, read more here and here

Jenny is so wonderfully talented and very inspirational, her massive body of work is so impressive. Sonny loved learning about the process and Jenny let son do rubbings with a graphite block over the wood and lino cuts to reveal the image onto paper, which he thought was amazing.

The thing I love about Jenny the most though is not just her fantastic work but her fab smile and giggle, she's gorgeous inside and out. 
When I go printing she always has a big smile when she lets me into the building which is always a great start to my printing day! so lovely.

Jenny's work is for sale at WYPW and is also featured in the current exhibition 
Well worth a visit!


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