Wax Flower and Baking Powder...

I fell love with the 1950's graphics mixed with the rust on a little beauty of a vintage Baking powder tin. I love the nostalgia it conjures up of home made baking days in a cosy kitchen!

So, the little tin went onto inspire this print, 'Waxflower and Baking Powder', as a follow on from the  'Golden'    print I did a couple of months ago.

Here's how it all began...

I've listed this print here.

Talking of baking, I'm loving the Great British bake off on a Wednesday night! 
Mel and Sue are brilliant and make me laugh, and Mary Berry, well, she's just fabulous! I hope channel 4 can do as good a job next year!

I'm betting either Jane or Bejamina to win,
they both did a smashing Yorkshire pud!


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