Best five minutes of my week so far....

I take an after school club, 'Draw me a story' on a Thursday, 
and I just wanted to show some of yesterday's work. 

We talked about illustrating things that you can't see, and we illustrated sounds, starting with a bit of fun and illustrating body sounds, tummy rumbles, burps, trumpington Stanley's etc... and then illustrating and mark making to music. 

We watched Eric Carles 'I see a song' and then listened and drew to Brassed Off's version of 'Concierto d'Aranjuez' or ( or Concierto Orange juice )

I love that some kids saw shapes and colours which then led onto a narrative of how the music looked in their minds eye.

I also loved how they all went quiet when we dimmed the lights to listen to the gorgeous brass band version of Concierto d'Aranjuez, and they all drew away in the dimmed light listening intently.

Best five minutes of my week by far.

And if you're wondering what a burp or a fart looks like,
it's bit like this......

Love the shape of hiccups and the colours of a tummy rumble.

Happy weekend!


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