Beautiful Nepal...

Aw, how lucky am I?!!

nearly two years ago me and my friend Jane booked with Different Travel to go on an adventure to Nepal. To trek part of the Annapurna circuit to Poon Hill 3,200m, and see the sun coming over the Annapurna range.

I wanted to do something to mark the end of my remission from breast cancer and celebrate in high kicking style with an adventure! and this was it.

So with a suitcase full of nerves, energy bars, wet wipes and kick ass merino wool socks I set off on my Nepal adventure....

( I just want to say I will officially overdo the photo's and as all adventure photo's never give the actual place justice do feel free to burn a joss stick, put a garland of marigolds around your neck, sip Lychee tea, breath mountain air deeply 
and down load the sound of cicadas in the trees for full affect )

I actually saw lots of beautiful Poinsettia's growing wild, they grow huge and look amazing against the mountain range.

There were lots of "nip me am I here?" moments 
and tears at the top, 
it was just sooooo incredibly beautiful and I felt so incredibly lucky to be there.

( either that or the sugar rush from the Mars bar they'd given us for 4:30am breakfast to keep us going to the top had gone to my head! )


Such a wonderful part of the world, and I was lucky to share it with a gorgeous friend and some amazing inspirational people.

When I was walking in the mountains it was like walking in a picture postcard and it felt incredibly surreal as time played tricks on us and before we knew it, it was time to head back to the craziness of Kathmandu .

Now I'm back it's all full on with Christmas and the kids, 
but I keep going back to my new happy place taking a deep breath and realising how incredibly lucky we are and trying not to be sad it's over but happy that those 11 days happened.

Going to post some pics of Kathmandu soon,
Have a fab festive weekend xx


  1. You're welcome ������

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