JOB No 255: Do more dry point etching

This week while working in my wee studio I've been stepping over organised piles of creative stuff.
Idea's, sketches, workshop prints, doodles, half eaten Curly wurly's, plans and dreams,
 until this morning I knocked one of these piles over. 


I've re-organised, moved bits around and generally tidyied oooop 
and found these from a drypoint etching class I took at WYPW last year.

I loved creating illustrations in drypoint on perspex, 
inking them up and experimenting with adding colour.
I really want to develop this style more and play with the process,
but other ideas keep getting in the way!

Why are creative minds so messy and busy? 
... and why are there just not enough hours in the day for all the creative ideas and artistic brain dumping? 

... and where the heck did I put that half eaten Curly wurly?...


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