Waxflower and Mustard

I love the iconic graphics on this old tin of Colemans mustard powder that I found in an antique shop. 

My Grandad always had mustard in his lunchtime sandwiches which came from a little tin of Coleman's powder. My Grandma then mixed it up in an egg cup with a drop of water and a tiny wee spoon.

As a kid I would always try a bit on the end of my tongue and then do an Oscar winning performance of how hot and horrid it was! 

The tin is small so I put in it some delicate wax flowers from a bouquet I had been given which suited the small tin perfectly.

I love seeing all the prints lined up on the drying rack and 
seeing all the layers of colour finally put together.

This print is now available in my 'Lil Sonny Sky' Etsy shop,
It's an edition of 30 and it's printed on lighter weight Fabriano paper have a look here.

Happy Thursday!


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