Monday, 13 July 2009

Morning miss Lily!

This morning started with a quick game of teachers, it was very involved as Miss Lily was a new teacher who Miss Skyla was introducing to her class (Skyla loves role play and is so brilliant at it!), then the students went into their various reading groups, I was reading with Green group whilst dryng my hair, making the bed, finding shoes etc...

I think the student on the left should be off School he looks a bit green! 

We all had a great weekend, just went tooooo fast as usual! we spent time with family and went to see some of my work at the ARTweek exhibition. I had sold all my work which was sooo lovely, it gives me such a buzz that someone's enjoyed  looking at a picture I made, enough to buy it and keep looking at it!
So a big thank you to the lovely people who bought my work and helped support a great charity
Thank you very much!x

We also squeezed in a visit to the farm. Lil, Sonny & Sky love feeding all the animals,
... even this gorgeous fella! a Kune Kune Pig! who was so friendly!  The kids loved feeding him... erm, I dont think he uses Macleans though!

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