Day 1!

The first day! of the six and a half weeks ( 45 days!) summer school holidays started yesterday, and so begins the work juggling whirlwind of fun trying to cram in as much as possible and enjoying every minute of no school routine. So our holidays began with a well deserved lie in!!
Then my brilliant friend Steph arrived with her magic scissors ( Steph is an amazing hairdresser and can perform miracles with the scissors!!) and gave all four of us a good hair cut! Lil shocked us with the announcement of wanting her hair cutting into a short bob.... " so it's trendy and fits into my swim cap!!" practical and stylish!
And wow, as quick as a good hair cut can knock years off an 'ole codger like me, so it can add years onto my gorgeous nine year old Lil, and she looks beautiful with her new hair cut but at the same time I want time to slow down, my little girl is blooming into a young woman before my eyes, and the walking around with bed head all day long without a care has gone! 

Just incase you were wondering Lil's the one on the left, It's me with the bubble perm on the right!
No, it's Ivy Cliff, as she's fondly known, who stands guard in our kitchen. Chris bought her for me as a moving in pressie, 9 years ago, and she's part of the family! She's trimmed up at birthdays and Christmas! She was created by Jane Muir who creates the most amazing ceramics.
Also, as is the law, the start of the kids holidays always begins with rain and wind! all our gorgeous summer weather has disappeared, but ever the optimist hopefully the rain will subside to let us have some more of that lovely hot sunshine! The gardens loving the rain and our hydrangea bush is in full flower. 

The metal house on our window sill is by Sarah Jane Brown and is called the house on the hill, a pressie from me to Chris as a thanx for Ivy!!


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