'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

Around the world with Mouk a trail of adventure by Marc Boutavant. It's a beautiful picture book about a little Parisian bear called Mouk who sets off from Paris on an adventure around the world meeting new fab friends as he goes.
This is a favourite with all the 'Lil Sonny Sky book review panel, as there is sooo much beautiful detail in the illustrations, that every time you read this book you notice something new that you'd never seen before. Because of  this, it's the favourite 'poorly' book in our house, whenever Lil, sky or Son are sick and in bed , I'll ask them "do you want me to bring you a book to look at -  to take your mind off things?", the answer is always "I want the Mouk book please" ( My kids are v polite when ill ) This is so they can study all the illustrations and  gorgeous characters having little adventures of their own.
Also the book has been printed on glossy thick paper and includes a set of re-usable transfers to add to the pictures with little written clues as to which page they go.... so interactive and educational too! You must see this book just to pour over the wonderful detail, humour and characterization's that the v talented Marc Boutavant has created.

Marc Boutavant also illustrated the cover of Play Pen a book showcasing new and innovative children's book illustration.
And this gorgeous book is on my list of things to purchase when I get paid, I love these three characters on the front of this note book, it reminds me of my Lil, sonny & Sky!! Marc Boutavant also has a new book coming out called For just one day , which I'll purchase and have my top reviewers review it for you!


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