14 sleeps to Christmas...

...and my true love said to me,
"I'll have the day off work and we'll go for a wintry sunny walk at YSP to see the Miro exhibition"
( I'm liking the theme I'm building up here ... 
and my true Love's not bad either with his fab suggestions!) 
So we did,

It was wonderful to walk amongst Miro's creations,
It's such an inspiring environment, one of my fave places in the world with loads of fab memories and constantly changing, every time we go there's something different to see, so lovely to share with fab friends x

Also there is a Mark Herald exhibition on at YSP which is amazing! 
His work is wonderful to see close up and he has created a flock of painted wooden birds flying along the gallery, beautiful! well worth a visit and fantastic for a spot of Christmas shopping.

I wanted to go home and start printing and creating collages straight away, but instead I had to make an Inn keepers outfit, it's amazing what you can do with a pot towel an old shirt and a cut up Rudolf suit...... did Inn keepers really wear Ben 10 sandals?


  1. one of my favourite ever places too! thanks for sharing Lisa! must remember to drag everyone there over the hols...dying to see the new exhibitions ;-)

  2. I like your blog because so like me, you show your passion for art in general.
    Congratulations on your worldview.

    My English is very poor ... sorry!

    Sueli de Moraes


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