7 sleeps to go....

... and I've actually completed a job on my very own 'to do' list!
yes, can you believe it!

It's going to be on News at 10 tonight,

...." and this just in, Lisa Stubbs has actually completed one of her 'fun' jobs on her 5,000 jobs to do before you pop your clogs list, Lisa, mother of 3, has recently been caught in the tidal wave of crazy Christmas frenzy, treading water through this she has actually managed to blow up her emergency float, pour a Christmas tipple put on her trusty 'Now that's what I call Christmas' CD and complete an ongoing personal project. Her Royal highness the Queen shall be awarding Lisa an OBE and knighthood for completing the challenge against all odds, along with a blessing from the Pope and it's rumoured Barry Garlow shall be writing a ballad celebrating the triumph, now over to Wincy Willis for the weather..."


I tore out a picture from a housey mag a million years ago (above)
then bought an old notice board from a working mans club on Ebay for a tenner,
then sorted out all my fave photo's of immediate family
then put them all together and this is the result waiting to be hung on the wall!
( granted this little project has taken over a year to complete )

A Christmas pressy to myself!

You know when you never get round to those lovely jobs that seem to lie on the back burner while life and domestic bliss takes over, well this was one of those!

right lets roll them sleeves up and tackle lovely job no 2!
but first I must buy sprouts, deliver presents, order flea powder for Cas, buy pepperoni pizza for year two's class party, post my Christmas cards.....


  1. Congratulations! put your feet up and make a cup of tea.
    Love the photo collection.

  2. That looks fantastic. We've had a folder full of favourite photos waiting for similar treatment for years.....x

  3. That is brilliant - love it, what a great find that frame is too! Love your News at 10 report as well x

  4. What a great idea! - and now added to my "to do" list...

  5. I love it! I've had that job on the burner for ages too. Merry Christmas Lisa and a wonderful 2012 xx


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