It's finally starting to get colder and frostier, fab! 
this is how winter is supposed to be, crisp and bright, with dragon breath on the way to school and a nip in the air all we need now is the snow to come!
Lil Sonny and Sky are desperate for snow so they can go out on their new sledges.. fingers crossed!

The lovely thing about being out in the cold is when you come in and the house is all cosy with a log fire and you settle down for a family film with a hot chocolate and a giant bag of Maltesers!
I'd love to have a go at knitting this blanket for the above looks so cosy and fun to do...

have a cosy fun weekend!


  1. I'd need a bigger front room! those needles simply wouldn't fit in mine...but sure looks like a wonderful blanket!

  2. to knit with those needles it wouldnt half make your thumbs sore !

  3. That blanket is amazing, I love chunky stitches like that, you would get a workout as well doing that knitting:)
    I think your snow wishes are coming around?!!Enjoy the sledging.... :)


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