slowly does it.....

We've been easing ourselves slowly back into a new year with a visit to one of our fave places, Manchester City Art Gallery to see the amazing The First Cut exhibition before it goes at the end of January, it's so very brilliant! we saw it back in November.

They have some wonderful Lowry paintings on display...

This amazing dress looked like it was made out of fur, but as we took a closer look....

It was made out of needles! amazing! 
( a bit scratchy I think though, don't think it will catch on, not very practical on the school run!)

It felt a little sad yesterday, a bit melancholy , taking down all the Christmas decks.
It's gone so fast I don't feel I've had time to take it all in, 
gone in the wink of an eye, a bite of a ferrero Roche and a sip of Bayleys, gone! ( although I wish I could say the same for my Christmas wobble that I squeezed into my jeans this morning!)

One of my New Years 'revolutions' as sonny calls them is to start every week with a long walk,
So this morning I went for a long walk
and breathed in the new year!


  1. Happy New Year Lisa!! WOW the exhibition looks amazing! The statue man out of hardback books is magnificent. Going to try and get before it goes!
    Haylie x

  2. Looks like an amazing exhibition, good luck with the return to normal life. x

  3. looks like an great exhibition...and that dress!
    Enjoy your long walks! Hope the weather is good for them Lisa :0))


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