Rubythroat in Nepal

What do you think to this lovely spring weather we've having!

In between the snow drifting I managed to get to screen print last week to do the charity print for Chris'
Trek Nepal for Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

I was inspired by a little bird called the Rubythroat which migrates to Nepal from Siberia. 
Nepal has 869 species of birds and is a bird watches paradise! I perched my little Rubythroat on a Nepalese beanstalk which is a design commonly seen on hand made Napalese papers. the script on the beanstalk leaves are words taken from the colourful prayer flags which are strung around the temples of Kathmandu and at Everests' base camp. 
The backdrop of this design represents the beautiful mountainous landscape, which the birds live.

So there you have it Rubythroat ( in Nepal )

The print is £20 and all proceeds go to Trek Nepal
and is in my Etsy and Folksy shops:)

Hope the snow isn't too disruptive and you're having a grand Monday:)


  1. Love your print and the inspiration it came from too, as for the comment. x

  2. Beautiful, a lovely piece, fab inspiration. :) Is that a print in the making, those snow angels of yours? Looks like they had fun.:)


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