Today so far....

The school run...

... the farmer was trying to clear a 4 foot snow dift! 

and now I'm trying to prioratise my ideas in my sketch book...

Sometimes is your head so full of ideas and experiments that when you get a pocket of time to work on them you're paralysed into doing nothing!...
I bet Sonny's brain on legs doesn't have the same problem!...

 Sky wants me to finish this sketch,
Think I'll start with this,
hope your day's gone well so far:)


  1. That looks so cold and so fun. We usually don't get snow here in Portland Oregon USA. I love seeing post with fun weather like this! I also LOVE LOVE to take a peek inside your sketch book. What fun and what creativity! xoxo

  2. Great to see inside your sketchbook Lisa. Snow just about gone here in Germany -fingers crossed!

  3. Yikes! So much snow! You must be a bit sick of it by now? I love the peek into your sketch books - the plant in the 50s cup jumped out at me immediately.

  4. your sketches are really inspiring! peaceful mood and happiness from your design!


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