A storm in a tea cup...

I have drawers full of scraps of card, paper and packaging,
so on a chill out day last week I made this collage,
a storm in a tea cup.
It's very therapeutic arranging all the pieces together and I love collaging as a way to develop ideas for prints, a kind of sketching with paper!


  1. Oh Lisa I love it! Great layers & textures. I have paper stashed away in many drawers & boxes, think it's time to get it organised and have some fun with it. Happy Sunday! x

  2. That looks brilliant and has inspired me to do something with all my scraps!! x

  3. Beautiful Lisa, love the sakura.

  4. AMAZING!!! I really like this a lot x

  5. fabulous work Lisa!
    You must have so much patients cutting all those little things out.
    thanks for the lovely comments on my blog too...glad you like my little sun :0))
    Be well xx


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