little dream...

This is the building where all the seaside 'mucky' postcards were painted in Holmfirth by the Bamforth  illustration company, before that they pioneered black and white films... the Hollywood of the north no less!

We walk past this building a lot.
(these photo's are from just before Easter, it's not still snowing! spring has finally blooming sprung!!) 
I dream of owning it and turning it into an illustration studio again, with a floor for screen printing, maybe a little shop selling prints, books and cards at the bottom,
hmmmmmm one day:)
but for now it's a home for the local pigeons!


  1. such a shame, not that I begrudge the pigeons, but those arched windows up above, surely that would make a great gallery, they/YOU could show the postcards :)

  2. Great idea - now, where did I put that lottery ticket?

  3. I like your dream, and I believe dreams are just a stone throw from reality.

  4. I can't believe this building is in this state. Who owns it? I grew up in Saddleworth and went to school in the Colne Valley so Holmfirth is very close to my heart as are Bamforth's postcards.


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