dance lessons...

Hope everyone had a snogtastically romantical valentines day!
(despite this crazy weather!)

Even the all weather astro turf is deemed too dangerous to play on today!

Thank the lord!

Although ( luckily ) I wasn't on duty this morning, I'm working, but as much as I love to support my boy and scream "go on sonny" every time his feet touch the ball like a woman possessed as it says to do in the "very proud Mum"  handbook, rule no.42, it's no fun when the rain is coming at you horizontal and you can't feel your toes though the 3 pairs of socks!

I don't reckon I'll be able to scream at the side of the pitch when Sonny's beyond the age of 12,
after that Sonny will pretend he doesn't know me and has never seen me in his life before and will get in his mates Dads car at the end of the match for a lift home due to the embarrassment and shame.
I'm finding out that teenager's are very embarrassed of their parents, 
Lily has given strict instruction for Chris not to talk to Cassius ( our cat ) when her friends are around and for me not to dance in the Kitchen ... although I can cut a rug and bust some shapes with the best of 'em!........ you'd think we were crazy or something?.... I take lesson's from the best.....

                           .... come on, everyone likes to do the camel walk and a bit of the robot, don't they?

stay safe and warm today it's going to be another wet and blustery one,
stay indoors put your music on full blast and get dizzy doing the voodoo :)


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