the calling of the sea...

 I'm hearing the calling of the sea and the need to feel the sand between my toes 
( and not be wearing 2 pairs of thick thermal socks! )
I'm feeling the pull of Runswick Bay and Shell Island!... and maybe the Mediterranean coast!

Well, it's half term next week, maybe I'll jump on the train with the kids to the coast for a blast of salty sea air and some chish and fips, 
although I reckon it maybe a little too cold to remove my toes from my socks!!

This was an experimental print I did last year, one of four, each of which all are different. 
I've screen printed each separate sandy element, shape, rock, fossil and pebble at different angles and overlapped them to give the impression of a sandy beach, it's colours and textures and it's ever changing nature.

I'm feeling a little all work and no play at the mo so looking forward to a few days of quality time next week!
Happy days!


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