being an 80's kid...

Being a kid in the 80's meant sitting down on a Saturday night with my Mum and Dad and watching Saturday night family telly.

I remember one of the shows my Dad liked to watch was Cannon and Ball, where the catch phrase was "Rock on Tommy!" and "you little bobby dazzler Tommy"

I have fab memories of that lovely quality family time.
My mum would get out a plate of sticky bread and cheese ( " pass us the Soreen Doreen" ) and digestives to dip in our tea and we'd laugh our way through Bruce Forsyth's Generation game, Only fools and Horses, Open all hours, Two Ronnie's, Cannon and Ball to name a few.


This card is for little bobby dazzlers everywhere, 
and is timed just right for all the kids with their fab end of year reports! 
Happy Days!


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