"Our Freddy"

"Our Freddy" 
"Our Freddy" was inspired by a gorgeous vintage photo I bought of a group of boys playing Cowboys around the 1940s.
 I love looking at these frozen memories, little pockets of time that were captured to savour and remember and then sadly lost and forgotten. 
I love reading my own narrative into the photographs and adding words, thoughts and stories.
"I loved Sunday's, our Freddy let me play with him and his mates while me Mam made dinner. He'd always look out for me our Freddy, especially when Walter Patterson played dirty. The freedom of those days. The fresh air, laughter and mucking about, it just went too fast. No sooner had we ran out the back door, Mam was calling us back in for Sunday dinner. He was a good big brother our Freddy. I miss those days."
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Happy Friday!


  1. think this is an ace idea Lisa to get old photos and put your own story behind it! xx clever you x

  2. I panicked when I saw you'd put an apostrophe in 'Sundays', thinking you'd actually printed it that way but phew! the actual print is correct (and gorgeous!) :-)


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