Treasures Cairn...

I'm really busy working on my second 'Lily and Bear' book, 
but managed to sneak this print in I've been wanting to do for a while as part of 
my person project of cairns called Treasures Cairn.

Like all the cairns I've 'built' so far , 
this cairn is built with treasures Lil, Son and Sky have given me on walks and adventures. 

Each pebble, stone, special thingy and lovely " ooo Mummy look " bit 
has been slipped into my pocket and saved and I'm loving using them for inspiration on this person project of experimenting.

I was told that the stone with the hole in it is a fairy stone,
and if you look through it you'll see a fairy world!

Fifth colour drying on the rack.

I love how the kids found these pebbles and stones so pretty and special, 
they saw all the colours and loveliness in them, like real treasures.

 I wanted to replicate what the kids saw in the pebbles through layers of colour and textures, 
making you stop to look with the eyes of a child.

And the bird, well I just love a bird and he needed somewhere to perch!
Happy Monday.


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