Hello 2016!

First day back!
 After consuming my own body weight in Ferrero Rocher I have now weaned myself off the fabulous Christmas delights and slowly eased myself into the creative flow, 
starting with a cuppa of zen tea!

Yesterday me and Son were listening to the radio in the car as they asked their listeners what New Years resolutions they had made for 2016. 

There was the usual mix of giving up alcohol, doing more exercise, less social media, abstaining from Ferrero Rocher's etc... When one lady mailed in and said in her house they don't have New Years resolutions, they just pick a word to live the year by, last years was gratitude and this years word for her was Love.

Sonny and I thought that was a wonderful idea and started to think of words to use as our 
guide through 2016. 
We came up with a big list, friends, hope, happiness, Ninjaro Lego, smiling, dancing, chocolate, sharing... Sonny decided his word would be 'Helpful' and my word is 'Giving'. 

So on our shopping trip Sonny helped me carry bags and held doors and I gave 
money into charity boxes and it felt good.

So, as a thank you for a wonderful 2015 I'm giving 20% off all prints and cards in my

Etsy shop

just enter the code   HAPPYNEWYEAR16   at the checkout!

Here's wishing you a very happy and healthy 2016,
full of adventures, good friends, laughs and happy days!


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