Portfolio time...

I'm up early getting my portfolio ready for the illustration showcase 
at the agency in London tonight.

I think it's quite a rare thing these days to have an actual portfolio with physical art in it 
and not a little i-pad to scroll through to show your work.

But I think there's something special about a tradition portfolio,

It's lovely to be up close to the actual art and see all the detail, each pencil stroke and
the tactile-ness of each layer of acrylic and the hand made warmth of each piece.

Call me old fashioned, but despite the lugging around of an A2 portfolio on the tube,
wiping 4 people out every time I turn around and trying to be careful where not to
prod the corners at rush hour,
it's all still worth it!

The hardest thing is deciding what pieces to keep in and what to take out...

I just love doing fabric collage illustration! and want to build up another portfolio of this style.

I painted up Rodney this weekend!

Because my portfolio is predominantly screen printing I wanted to show that I love to paint and draw as well, and I'm taking along one of my sketch books to back this up.
I realised whilst painting Rodney how much I missed painting and loved getting my old Karisma pencils out!

I was inspired by the Axel Scheffler ( the creator of the Gruffalo ) talk I went to last Monday at the Book Club in Shoreditch London, organised by Nosy Crow.
It inspired me to force some time to start painting again and Rodney is the result!

OK, time to jump on a train and knock a few people out!


  1. Good luck, hope it all goes well.

  2. Such beautiful work! Everything you do is so utterly amazing!


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