A HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and sponsored our fundraising efforts this year for the YCC, it really does make a difference.
Last time we fundraised some of the money went towards a miniature radiotherapy machine for kids to role play with their teddies and dolls, making their own experience of cancer treatment a lot less scary for them and mum and dad, how fantastic is that!!
It's these little things that really do make a difference and the work that YCC do is truly fantastic, supporting research that benefits the whole country, so thank you, I think your fab xxx

I've been training and trekking the hills around my home, 
and hope gorgeous Yorkshire has prepared me for what's to come in Nepal!

I truly hope Blackpool bridge in Holme has prepared me for some of the suspension bridges of the Annapurna circuit!

Only 3 weeks to go now! 

* gulp * 

Injections done, visa next and a ridiculous amount of Trek bars bought from Sainsbury's stuffed into my kit bag! I'm really excited to be helping out at the hospice project in Katmandu but nervous for the trek, the reality of what I've actually signed up for is hitting me now!.... 

but knowing the reasons for me doing it makes me shout
"bring it on!"


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