guess who...

Look at those knobbly knees!
I'm about 8, I remember that garden well, it had a coal bunker that we planted potatoes in just out of shot behind me. And I remember that pudding bowl page boy cut ( although I try to forget!)
I can't believe that tomorrow I celebrate my last year in my 30's....where has that gone?!
I'm planning on having a picnic in one of my fave places YSP with the kids and friends, fingers crossed it doesn't rain!x


  1. ahh..look at you! i had my hair like that too! {oddly enough i actually asked mum to cut it like that!} oh have a lovely birthday & outing 2moro.
    i will keep my fingers & toes crossed for there to be sun! sun! sun!
    lovely beach sketch & well done for the mag article today too ;0) xx

  2. Oh! I love the picture! I wish you all the best for tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Lisa, wishing you all the best!

  4. Such a lovely photo :) happy birthday to you all the best helt joy and love .time indeed fly i'll be 38 years this dec and rally do not feel like it :)
    enjoy tomorrow !!


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