The Shape game...

The shape Game by Anthony Browne is a wonderful picture book which introduces the shape game through a family's visit to an art gallery.

Here's the Author explaining a bit about the book.

We've had this book a long time and often play the shape game when we need to pass the time.
We love Anthony Browne's wonderful picture books, this one being our fave, along with Willy the wimp and Silly Billy.

The illustrations are imaginative, inspiring and full of humour,

This weekend we bought another Shape game book,

The shape on the front cover, that has been made into a gorilla in his PJ's by Anthony Browne has been given to other artists and celebrities to create something new, here are a few of my faves...

All the profits from the sale of the book go to Rainbow Trust Children' Charity.
On the oposite page of every celebritiy drawing is a shape for you to fill in and create your own image!
We're taking our copy on holiday with us for the airplane and the beach!

It's a great game to encourage children to be imaginative and inventive and the books are wonderful.

Here's Anthony Browne in action at a children's workshop.

Hope this inspires you to play the shape game!


  1. oh the shape game sounds loads of fun! love how other artists have turned the shape into something completely different from one another. sounds like a great book for your plane journey ;0) oh willy the wimp takes me back to primary school days!

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