Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

I've become a big fan of Nathalie Lete's work, so I was thrilled to bits to receive this book for my birthday, 'Tacalogue De Jouets' filled with Nathalie Lete's beautiful paintings, all of toys.

Sonny especially loved looking through this book with me the other day. It's safe to say that my french is  ridiculously say the least! So it's been fun learning the various french words for different toys.
Sonny found it hilarious that the french word for doll is  'Poupee' and couldn't stop laughing every time I said it... I don't think the thick Yorkshire accent helps!
Here are some of the gorgeous images in this book...

The loveliness of this book is enhanced by the thick Matt quality paper all the paintings are printed on. 
A must for Nathalie Lete fans and a beautiful book to have in your collection. Very inspirational!


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