Big Song Friday...

Have a fab Friday!
( if anyone is like me and loves James McAvoy... well actually he is my film husband, and also likes Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner being my music husband, they are on the lovely Graham Norton show tonight for an hour of fabness :)
Have an ace weekend!


  1. love it! hehe! wow they're BOTH on tele for you tonight? how did you manage that?! ;) my on-screen hub is jake gyllenhaal. yum. i haven't thought about the musician husband. i'll have to have a little friday lisa x

  2. Love the little bird on the branch singing his little heart out. So cute and so is James McAvoy. It's a shame he's too yound for me as he's adorable. Enjoy your hour with him tonight and have a fab weekend.

  3. love Alex Turner too; especially that soundtrack he did for Submarine...
    have a great week end,
    xo sandra

  4. Lovely birdy Lisa, like it's little knotty Knees, just so cute! Fab. X


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