A Sky Full Of Kindness

I got to meet one of my hero's on Saturday, Rob Ryan, at his book signing at YSP
and what did I say?...
"have you got finger cramp yet?"....(!!!why??)

( it's like when I met Frank Bruno and he was eating a banana and I said, "Oh, I like bananas" (!!why??) Not that Frank Bruno is a hero of mine and I aspire to be a boxer or a pantomime Dame for that matter, in fact nothing like Rob Ryan at all, I'm waffling again... I'll get my coat...)

So, the wonderful Rob Ryan was signing his new book 'A sky full of Kindness' at the Yorkshire Sculpture park on Saturday, and some friends and I went down to get some books signed. It was such a beautiful day the sun was shining and all the kids were running around having the best time while I Queued up. 

I wanted to get the book signed for my Skyla as she is my little Sky full of kindness ( she's been so kind while I've been wiped out with the chemo, all the kids have, but Sky is naturally nurturing and caring I think she'd make a wonderful nurse, although at the minute she wants to be a travelling artist singer guitar playing street dancing chef) 

 I want the book as a special Christmas gift keep sake for Sky, which is extra special now.
( I took your advice on going bolder with the head scarves... although this is as bold as it gets, don't want to look like Carmen Miranda... although she was very beautiful... waffling....)

Lil and her friend got a couple of books signed for me too ( she was in cool teenager mode which has hit big time since starting high school, while her other friends took my camera and played paparazzi )

I purposely haven't read the book yet, which has been ridiculously hard! 
I want to read it with Sky first, together, so she remembers reading it with mum and we can study all the detail together. I think that will make it even more special, so the books been put away in my Christmas pressy drawer.

I've had a quick flick through and it's so so beautiful, you must get a copy, just an amazing talent and the passion comes through every page. I've always been a big fan (some old bits n blog bobs) 
See more of Rob Ryan's work on Robs website, shop, etsy and blog. 

It's the perfect Christmas pressy! I've had so many lovely things bought for me by Rob Ryan whilst going through treatment, each ones sentiment has been very  uplifting. One lovely friend who works at YSP left me one of Rob Ryan's umbrella's on the door handle for me! ... to keep my little bare head dry!! 

and it does wonderfully!
I'm such a lucky lady!


  1. how fantastic, Sky will be well chuffed!

    beautiful scarf by the way you look fab!
    love Amy xx

  2. what a truely lovely day to have!! I wanted to pop a little something into the post to you myself would it be poss for you to mail me at ilonadrewthis@hotmail.com when you get a wee mo...? XXX

  3. Sounds like an amazing day! What a perfect Christmas present too. Your scarf looks amazing x x

  4. Brilliant! Sky will be thrilled with the book and you've got tremendous willpower in waiting to share it with her!
    And how clever of you to coordinate the colour of your headscarf with Rob's shirt!!

  5. Oooh missed that! I saw a little note about Rob Ryan doing the signing whilst doing the Sketchcrawl there recently, but it didn't have any dates on it, should have looked on website...duh. It looks like you enjoyed the day, I like the scarf too, you can do the bright colours! Good luck in NOT taking a peek in the book :) X

  6. Oh that's so lovely (sitting here crying at work whilst I read this)
    I got my daughter a signed book by him for Christmas the year I was diagnosed, she loves him (as do I).
    It's a beautiful book and all of his work leaves me speechless (no mean feat!)

  7. Aww such a lovely story - and a fab pressie too! The illustrations are so beautiful I'm sure Sky will love it. I laughed at your finger cramp comment....I'm so the same in situations like that, and afterward think DOH! :-D x

  8. oh fantastic!! i've just watched him over on the uk etsy blog, really interesting feature ;)) loving your scarf too by the way! glad you went for a bright one, great colours x

  9. You are so lucky... I'm totally green envy!!! I love Rob Ryan, he is such a gorgeous man! I love his passion, words and work! I did a little post about him on Monday.. he's so inspiring! I wonder if he will ever venture down to Australia... sigh!

    ps. Love the bright head scarf xxx

  10. Hello I’m Áurea from Spain, I love everything you do, is wonderful. 7 years ago my sister, who has more or less your age and 3 children most is like yours, had breast cancer and one breast removed, now detected a new liver cancer and need chemotherapy, only two days I know and I find your beautiful words and beautiful illustrations by the way. Thank you for your amazing art.

  11. Such a lovely post Lisa, funny and moving all at once xx

  12. You should have said who you were !!!!!! next time please ! xxx

  13. Lisa, I just saw this on Etsy and thought of you immediately:

    now it does say that it's a Halloween wig, but I think it's really cool, and a nice alternative to a scarf.

    On a different note, I didn't know Rob Ryan was so beardy - in my head he looks like Nigel Slater!
    What I'd really like to know is, does he have finger cramp? or did he just laugh it off?

  14. Hello..curious to know what other people who adore Rob's work as much as I do I clicked on your username..I do actually remember seeing you at the book signing....how funny! I was taken by how nice you looked in your bright scarf..I was stood with my husband and two children..the son who managed very well we thought waiting an hour! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't know what to say! My husband asked me just before our turn what I would say which totally threw me cos I ended up saying I was just so overwhelmed to meet him..I never even told him I wrote poetry or painted or papercut or anything! I'm still buzzing after the day which felt magical for lots of reasons. We did comment how it was amusing that mostly everyone in the queue looked of a type...all pretty arty and cool! What a nice, memorable day.
    kind regards

  15. I LOVE Rob Ryan's artwork as well! Dragged my family all the way to Shoreditch from Ireland just to visit his shop ;)!x

  16. Beautiful pressy idea [Although I would never have the strength of will not to peek!} and FAB scarf! Sure she will love it! Gutted I missed Rob Ryan too ;-)x


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