Holmfirth Art Market

On Sunday the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day and there was no way I was going to spend another day in the house! 
So I slapped on a bit of make-up, had a spoonful of manuka honey and walked down to the Holmfirth art market. 
There were so many gorgeous stalls and talented people. 
I got to meet Jax from Print for the love of wood, which was so lovely, she grabbed me gave a big hug and bubbly chatted away! (couldn't get a word in! thought I could talk! fab:)) So great to meet a fellow blogger in the flesh!

My friend Lisa from Mollie Sash was there with the most gorgeous hats, so beautiful,

and my friend Geraldine from Made at Green View was there with her gorgeous scarves, bags and purses, just so lovely.
The atmosphere was lovely, and Lil got to print her own postcard at Jax stand, we had a great day, a real tonic! 
There's another market this Sunday with different artists, so if your in the area it's well worth a visit!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time, nice pictures too.

  2. They look such fabulous things Lisa, so very professional! In a hand crafted way! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you are doing just fine. I am tempted to try the next sunday one?? Will have to see? All the very best to you. X

  3. looked like such a lovely market & how great you got to meet a fellow blogger jax & her printed goodies in the flesh :))

  4. Sounds like you had a nice day. Hope the weather turns out to be just as nice this coming Sunday and maybe you'll go and take more photos. I loved the hat and clutch purse.

  5. aw thanks Lisa, I do love a good natter ;o) Put a gag on me next time haha x

  6. I went for a peek too, and also met Jax and James Green, was hoping to bump into you Lisa as well.

  7. looks fantastic...keep wanting to get there, but always seems to clash...one day...;-)

  8. I went too and was totally inspired by Jax's stand to buy a little letterpress machine!, and also bought some items from Geraldine too. It was a lovely day. Loads of great and inspiring work..


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