snip snip ...

I did two more wood collages,
and two more in working progress!...

It's therapy snipping away and arranging the shapes!
Have an ab fab weekend!:)


  1. These collages are great. I love the colors you're using and the style of these figures is endearing.

  2. Lisa these are lovely, I like the hair with the wood grain, brilliant! They make a really good little collection, how big are they? You is a clever bod ! Have a lovely weekend, hopefully brighter weather than the week.:)

  3. Wow you've been so creative lately, these are great.
    Hope you're surviving the other okay, I've been thinking about you :-)

  4. Love the new way. ..The collages are uniqe and so very special. Hope thay they kipping the spirit up.

  5. Love the textures and colours. These would look great in little box frames.

  6. These collages are wonderful! Your characters have such cheerful expressions on their faces. These do look relaxing to make. Glad you're enjoying it! Excellent blog, by the way! :)


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