I've been experimenting with scissors, PVA, and little wooden boards!...  Do you think I watched too much Blue Peter as a child?..... I never got a badge :( no matter how many competitions I enetered, Ahhhhh,  I'll be talking sticky back plastic next..  ooooo do you remember that!!?...... "come back Shep".... quickly slap me

Inspired by Japanese Kokeshi dolls and my screen print Kokeshi girl...

...here's a few I prepared earlier!

I've had a little trouble photographing the boards, 
I think it's the dull natural light and ye oldie worldie camera ( nothing to do with the lack of brain cells and incompetence of the photographer at all at all at all!)

What do you think?


  1. These are really gorgeous, I love them!

  2. These remind me of some of the Scandinavian images I have seen and are slightly reminiscent of my childhood (that will be the 1970's so I remember Shep and though John Noaks was a demi-god).

    I think their simplicity combined with the detailing of wood grain make a contemporary piece. I especially like the wheel-eyed birds.

  3. These are really quite lovely and I don't think your photography is as bad as all that. Now mine on the other hand sucks and I can't even blame the camera.

  4. Lovely colours Lisa, I think they are so well thought out and have a calm tranquil feel about them.

  5. I LOVE these Lise, might have to get one are they on Etsy? xxx See you monday Nicki x

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I love these, would love to buy one too to add to my collection. Kims xxx

  7. Oh yes, I like these! Really beautiful and original x

  8. Really lovely - the textures together look stunning :)

  9. I love them ! They are so poetic ... But could you translate for me : what is PVA ?


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