Sooopa woman!

The lovely lady in the orange vest and white cap is my amazing friend Lorraine,
who last Sunday ran the London Marathon (26.2 miles) in an astonishing 3 hours 9 minutes!
yes you heard me right, 3 hours 9 mins (my jaw dropped too!)


In doing so she raised well over a £300 ( still collecting in moneys! ) for the 3 Volcanoes Trek for Yorkshire Cancer Centre and is considering joining me on those volcanoes! yay! fan-blooming-tastic! 
just hope I can keep up!

Lorraine herself is currently going through radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer which makes her achievement even more astounding ( even the guy in the back of the photo just can't believe it!)
Lorraine you're ace! and my hero and inspiration x
Well done gorgeous! just amazing!

Also my lovely friend Alex, completed the Marathon in 5 hours raising over a £1000 for breast and prostate cancer charity's, wonderful! Well done Alex fantastic work! See Alex's page here :)

Everyone have a fab weekend and enjoy the rain! just get your coats on and get out in it!

We love the rain at our house and I had to drag the girls in yesterday evening as they wanted to stay out in it! Lil said she loved the smell of the rain!....

....and Sky just stood there day dreaming looking out at the view in the pouring rain!
Me time I think:) "just a bit longer Mum"

Have a good one, and thanks again Lorraine you're a star! x
and thanks again ( I never tire of thanking you all x) for everyone who has donated and supported me,
once again, I 


  1. A very, very big 'Well Done!!' to your friends Alex and Lorraine, LIsa. Congratulations, what a fantastic achievement completing the LDN marathon, I really admire you both! I couldn't even run for a bus! You are Stars!! xx

  2. Well done to Lorraine and Alex.
    We all need to take a little time out now and then to contemplate the rain!

  3. Wow she did so amazingly well... I couldn't do that :)

    So good to see you have reached your fundraising goal... Woo Hoo...YAY!

  4. so well done to your friends! Wonderful :0)

  5. Hi Lisa, so sorry for my delayed reply, I'm still getting to grips with who's blog you reply on when comments are left on your blog, as I don't think it notifies you that I replied does it? Help! sorry for my woffle.

    Replying about my Yorkshires, haha! up until this time last year, me neither lisa, so ever time these babies take over my over I'm still shocked. Before I tell you my secret, I just have to say, I didn't use any oil either, just poured the mixture straight into a cold tray...


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