Trekking on the Isle of Wight

Over the Easter holidays I did some Trekking on the Isle of Wight,
what a beautiful part of the world,
we had the most wonderful old fashioned family holiday,
skimming stones, flying kites, playing cards, having pic-niks and walking along the breath taking coastline, just grand!
THANK YOU Mum and Dad for the perfect holiday and quality time xx
After all those pebbly beaches I'm ready to tackle those volcano's!


  1. What beautiful pictures........England is so lovely.

  2. Looks like you had a fab time Lisa! I have never been to the Isle of Wight but I mean to! Love the photo of your 3 together with their hats on :)
    And the first photo of the pebbles? You only have to draw a few lines and its just "you" instantly!! Sending love to you xx

  3. Gorgeous photos....i enjoyed every one of them, you could feel the wonderful holiday you had :-)

  4. You all look like you are having such a brilliant time. Those pictures are gorgeous. Is that what a blue sky looks like? Been so long since I have seen one!! Glad you had a great holiday. x

  5. That looked like fun, it's a long time since I was there with my friend in her sports car, we had a good time! Your photos are fab,such happy times you do deserve them. :)

  6. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous part of the world. I'd love to visit there and these photos make me almost feel like I was there. The kids look like they had a marvelous time. Hugs


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